Have you ever given much thought to the “V” part of “HVAC”? That is, your ventilation system. More commonly referred to as air ducts, you rely heavily on this part of your HVAC system to actually distribute heated or cooled air into your living space.

Elliott-McElwee, Inc. has been serving residents throughout the South Jersey area for over 40 years, and we are proud to provide reliable and effective duct services, including duct replacement with custom sheet metal fabrication. When you work with our Egg Harbor Township service professionals, you can count on 100% satisfaction. In fact, one of our core beliefs is that if we can leave each of our customers happy with a job well done, then we’ve fulfilled our mission as an HVAC contractor.

For improved indoor air quality, contact our team for comprehensive duct services in Egg Harbor Township and South Jersey. Your comfort is our business!

  • Air Duct Sealing

    Have you discovered that your ductwork is leaking conditioned air into your attic or some other unoccupied space in your home? Or maybe you feel your air quality is poor and allergens are starting to bother you. You may need duct testing to see if professional duct sealing services are the next best step.

    Homes throughout Egg Harbor Township and beyond with aging ductwork may at some point need sealing. A few signs to watch out for that indicates your home is one of them includes:

    - Abnormally high energy bills indicating inefficient heating and air conditioning system operation.
    - Musty odors coming from your room vents.
    - A decline in airflow from one or more vents.
    - The sound of rattling coming from your air ducts as the HVAC system runs.

    Duct sealing involves a lot more than applying duct tape-which isn't appropriately named. It requires our technicians use a special mastic sealant to properly patch up the ducts.

  • Duct Repair

    Your HVAC system ductwork may be beyond sealing and could require repair. This isn't too rare for aging ductwork. Forced-air HVAC systems go through a lot of work over the years, and your ductwork gets the brunt of that work. In many cases, professional duct repair may be necessary to restore functionality of your air ducts and the efficiency of your HVAC systems.

    If you hear loud noises coming from your attic or wherever your ductwork is installed while your air conditioner or heater runs, it's a good sign that you may need duct repair. Of course, when sealing or repairs aren't enough, that leaves one last option-ductwork replacement!

Ductwork Replacement

Your ductwork should cater to your home's specific needs. Whether you find yourself in need of partial or whole-home ductwork replacement, our team is the one to turn to for such a job. We're one of the only local HVAC companies who handles custom sheet metal fabrication in-house, meaning whatever your ductwork needs may be, we've got you handled!

Replacing large sections of your air ducts, or potentially your whole network of ducts, can seem like a daunting task. In some cases, however, it will help you avoid the need for frequent HVAC repairs and other HVAC problems. The peace of mind you'll get from custom-made ductwork for your Egg Harbor Township home is invaluable.