When you consider the indoor air quality of your home, do you ever think about humidity levels? This is an often misunderstood component of home comfort for residents of Egg Harbor Township and the surrounding communities. But little do most families know that poor or excessive humidity can contribute to mold growth, property damage, and health issues.

Fortunately, you have Elliott-McElwee, Inc. on your side with quality humidifier and dehumidifier services! We’ll ensure that you have the right systems in place to keep your relative humidity levels where they should be—between 30% and 50%. Our service professionals are here to ensure you’re happy with our work and happy with the comfort of your home—100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Contact us today for reliable humidifier and dehumidifier services in Egg Harbor Township and South Jersey! Your comfort is our business.

  • Humidifier Installation

    Are you considering a whole-house humidifier replacement or installation? We can't understate the benefits of forgoing a portable system for a whole-house version. Portable systems are sufficient for a single room or maybe even a small studio apartment. However, a whole-house humidifier can provide much more comprehensive comfort.

    Our Egg Harbor Township technicians are the team to turn to for your humidifier needs. For proper installation, we consider a number of factors. This includes correct sizing and placement, in addition to the type of air ducts and ventilation in your home. We'll also look at what other indoor air quality products you have in place to make great recommendations.

  • Humidifier Repair

    Are members of your household struggling to stay comfortable indoors during the winter? Perhaps dry air is causing problems like static shock when family members touch metal surfaces. Or maybe you've spotted splitting wood floorboards in your living space. If you have a whole-house humidifier and these symptoms are occurring anyway, it's a sign you need humidifier repair.

    Of course, the best way to prevent the biggest of repair needs is with whole-house humidifier maintenance. As part of your overall HVAC maintenance plan, our service professionals will fully inspect and clean your system, to ensure that everything operates as it's meant to. We may recommend humidifier replacement if that's what makes sense for your specific situation.

  • Dehumidifier Installation

    A whole-house dehumidifier installation is a great way to get some added comfort in your Egg Harbor Township home this summer. If you have a central AC in place, then you may know that it's able to dehumidify your air to an extent. However, this is not the intention of an air conditioner, and it won't be able to lower the humidity levels enough to make a discernable difference.

    The installation of a whole-house dehumidifier will help improve comfort for your whole household. It will protect your health and property by preventing bacteria growth and other moisture problems. Excess moisture will damage walls, furnishings, and more.

  • Dehumidifier Repair

    Let's say it's summertime-you are running your air conditioner as well as your dehumidifier. But, you've realized it's a lot muggier than summers past. This means it's probably time to call our Egg Harbor Township service professionals for reliable dehumidifier repair.

    And don't forget, professional comprehensive dehumidifier maintenance will help you avoid large and expensive repair needs. We'll also inform you if you'd benefit from dehumidifier replacement service. Contact us today to learn more!