What if we told you there was a highly efficient way to heat your home without ever worrying about ductwork or ventilation? We’re talking about the radiant heating system! Elliott-McElwee, Inc. provides reliable radiant heating installation, repair, and maintenance for homeowners throughout Egg Harbor Township and the surrounding community. Plus, we work with leading manufacturers to ensure you’re set up with the best system for your living space. In fact, we are a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer.

We’ve been in business for 40 years, and believe in honest, reliable service, no matter what your heating needs are. Our goal is that each of our customers has a great experience and is completely satisfied with our work—if we can achieve this then we’ve completed our mission as a leading heating contractor.

Contact our team today for your radiant heating services in Egg Harbor Township and South Jersey. Your comfort is our business!

  • Radiant Heating Installation

    Radiant heating installation is considerably different from that of a forced-air heater like a furnace. With forced-air heating, the heat is generated by heat exchangers then transferred via the movement of air. This requires a setup of ductwork and vents throughout the home. Radiation heating involves heated objects radiating waves of heat that travel through your space from behind the walls or underneath the floor through either water or electric resistance. Radiant heating installation, particularly in-floor or in-wall hydronic radiant heating, is best done during the construction or remodel of a home.

  • Radiant Heating Replacement

    Are you considering switching from forced-air to radiant heating in your home? Or perhaps you've had a system for many years and it's time to invest in radiant heating replacement. Whatever the case, our heating service professionals are here to help! The benefits of installing a new radiant heating system include:

    - Improved Energy Efficiency Due to Lack of Air Loss Through Ducts
    - Even Heating Distribution throughout the Home No Matter Where You're At
    - Improved Indoor Air Quality Through Limited Pollutant Circulation
    - Improved Comfort at a Low Monthly Cost

    Due to the lack of ductwork, a radiant heater won't blow around dust or other debris that might settle in. You'll also never need to deal with duct repair or replacement needs.

24-Hour Radiant Heating Repair Services

Radiant heaters are sturdy heating appliances. At some point, however, you may need radiant heating repair. We’re just the team to turn to when you do! Of course, the best way to prevent the worst of radiant heating repair needs is with routine radiant heating maintenance.

Radiant heaters have fewer moving parts than their forced-air counterparts. But they still need to be inspected on an annual basis by a professional. Investing in routine tune-ups keeps your system running effectively and efficiently with minimal problems, plus it helps you maintain the system warranty.

Contact us today for reliable radiant heating repair and maintenance—and don’t forget to ask about our preventive maintenance agreements. Our planned service agreements afford our customers regular visits for their heating and cooling system each year, in addition to a number of other monetary benefits. Reach out today to learn more.